About Katy Vocal Express

KATY VOCAL EXPRESS is a chapter of Sweet Adeline's International, an organization of over 30,000 women worldwide who share the love of singing in a four-part acapella harmony.
Women of all walks of life join in the barbershop harmony experience.  Young or seasoned, it is the love of singing that brings us together.
Founded in 2016, the chorus is striving to be a vital part of the Greater Katy Area fine arts scene. We work with local organizations to spread joy through singing!

What Makes It Barbershop?

Barbershop harmony is produced by four voice parts unique to this musical genre.
TENOR: a harmony part sung above the lead part or melody.  The tenor is the highest singing part in barbershop.
LEAD: this section is the melody and is sung in the 2nd soprano range.
BARITONE: a harmony part that sings the same range as the lead.  baritones must be able to adjust between singing higher and lower than the leads during the song with unique and specific harmonies.
BASS:  a rich, mellow voice that can sing the lowest part between low E flat and a low G.  Not an "alto" part, but its own quality in barbershop.  It is the foundation all the other parts build upon.

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